HTML5 Backgammon online

HTML5 Backgammon is an exclusive backgammon game which, as the name suggests, is programmed in HTML5. HTML5 Backgammon is a simple backgammon game that can be played immediately without registration and installation.

Play alone or against a friend

Here you have the possibility to play alone against the computer or in pairs with or against a friend. You can enter a name under Settings. The game pieces are moved according to the number of dice, and one player wins by removing all his pieces from the board before his opponent.

Open in fullscreen

HTML5 Backgammon is opened directly in the full screen, because it requires the programming of the game so.
Tips for access with a mobile device
If you access with a mobile device, you must rotate your mobile device so that you can see and play the backgammon board in full mode. If the access does not work or the game does not load or is faulty, it would be a help to us if you could forward this to us. And now have fun!