Tapa Backgammon - A related game

Tapa Backgammon, also known as Plakato, is very similar to Backgammon, but differs in certain characteristics. The board game is mostly played in Bulgaria and Macedonia, but also in Greece, Lebanon and Cyprus, and even in Turkey, tapa is a well-known and popular board game, although often known as Plakoto. Tapa may not be as complex as other backgammon variations, but it is as complex as backgammon and maybe a bit more complex here and there.

Play online Tapa backgammon

The rules of Tapa are implemented just as quickly and easily as in the classic board game. You play with the black stones and your goal is to move your stones to the lower right area so that at the end none of your stones are left on the board. If you are the first to do so, you win the online tapa game. Currently your opponent is an artificial intelligence, but we are already working on a multiplayer mode so you can play against real opponents.

Rules Tapa

By clicking on the dice the game starts. The number on the dice reflects the steps you may take with your checkers. In a double, you may use each of the two dice twice for your turn. For example, if you roll a double 4, you may move 4 x 4 with your checkers. Now comes the difference to the classic Backgammon rules. When a checker is borne off. It can do so if it stands alone on a square and the opponent places his checker on it. Then it is captured and can only be moved further once it is free again.