Here you will find instant help on the games, access from different devices, the website and security.
Help on playing online

I am being asked to install/activate Flash
Most of the online games you can find on the net or have certainly played in the past were programmed in Flash. As good as the flash games may be, Adobe (developer and publisher of Flash) has announced to discontinue support for Flash by the end of 2020. This is Adobe’s reaction to the no longer existing support of the cooperating companies. Apple already removed Flash from their devices in 2007, Android followed years later. In the end, it was the desktop browsers that still support Flash, but ask the user to activate Flash. At the latest with the ending support from Adobe, Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Opera and all other browsers will also completely switch off Flash. Until then the Flash games can still be played without any problems. Until then we will offer them, but are already in the process of converting everything to HTML5, because HTML5 will be the programming language for mini-games in the future.
The game doesn't load and doesn't load
If a game doesn’t load, this can have different reasons. Often it is due to a missing Flash plugin. Your browser no longer supports Flash. In this case you will have to access another backgammon game to play a round. The games are usually hosted on our server, so if you can access the website, you should be able to load the games. A temporary server problem on our site could also cause the problem. You have the possibility to report a broken game at any time. Look under the game, here are 5 icons. Click on the flag to report the game as broken. We will then look at the game and take action if necessary.
Access with a mobile device
Not least because of the missing support of Flash on mobile devices, we have decided to do without Flash games in the future. Instead we will concentrate on the HTML5 games. Accessing with your smartphone and tablet should implement the following tips. Always play in full screen. You can achieve this by clicking on the crossed arrows below the game, the backgammon game will open in a new large window. Some games require playing in the horizontal position. So turn your device when you are prompted or it helps you to play better

Help for the website

New and current website responsive
Our new and current website is in a responsive design. This means that it can be displayed and used on all devices. If you access with a mobile phone, not only will you have a different layout, but you may also see other games. This is due to Flash, as these Flash games are not supported by the mobile devices, so they will not load on this website. They would not be playable anyway, they would only confuse.
search game
You can always use our search function to search for a specific game, as far as it is desired by you. is and remains free
We have offered free games from the beginning and will continue to do so in the future. We do not consider any paid games at all
Playing online without registration
This game page as well as all our game pages can be played without registration. No annoying registration is necessary! Just call up the game, start it and get started!


Website uses cookies
It can be really annoying. No matter which website you visit today, you will be asked to accept the cookies. Thanks to the DSGVO we are also obliged to do so. Cookies are nothing bad, they serve us to improve the website and the offer. Above all, they help us to track illegitimate access and to take measures against it. Further information on this can be found in the privacy policy. When you access this website you will be asked to accept or reject cookies. We are very transparent in this respect and would be happy if you accept the marketing cookies as well, thus supporting the project and giving us the opportunity to offer backgammon games for free in the future.
Website secured via SSL
We have secured the website with an SSL certificate. This means that all data that is transferred is encrypted.