Play Backgammon Multiplayer

Welcome to our Backgammon Multiplayer Game. The game is a fork of Backgammon Classic with the addition of a multiplayer mode. So you now have the possibility to play online against real opponents.  At the beginning of the game you can choose the mode that suits you best. If you want to play locally against the computer, choose the option with the screen. This would be the variant of our classic games. To play online against a real person, choose the option ball/internet icon.

Create Multiplayer Game

As soon as you have chosen the multiplayer version, you will be asked to choose a nickname. Confirm your nickname with OK. Once you have confirmed with OK, you can either join a backgammon multiplayer game or create your own and wait for an opponent. You can also create a game and a friend can enter this room and join the game using their device, whether it is a mobile device or a computer. So you have the possibility to play against friends online. So that no stranger can enter the room, the room can be password protected. The game is hosted on our server, the multiplayer mode on

Play Backgammon across platforms

The multiplayer mode can also be played cross-platform. So you can play on your smartphone, tablet or desktop PC. Without registration and login, without installation and without download, online and guaranteed free!

Screen Shots