Play Mini Backgammon game for free

The Mini Backgammon game is, as the name suggests, a mini-game, but it is supported by all browsers and devices. As soon as you enter this page, the game will start, but before it starts, a small commercial will start. This commercial can be clicked away after a few seconds. But it is necessary, only this way we can offer the mini backgammon game for free.

How to play Mini Backgammon

As soon as the advertisement is clicked away or has come to the end, you can start the game via the menu. You must move your checkers into your home area in a controlled manner, just like in a backgammon game. The black game pieces are assigned to you. Your task is now to move the game pieces clockwise to the target. To do this, you must be lucky on the dice, but this is no guarantee for a successful game. Backgammon also requires a strategy. With the right strategy, the person who has internalized it wins. The first player who has brought all his checkers to the target wins the game. TIP: Play the game in full screen. To do this, click on the cogwheel in the game, you can activate/deactivate sound and music and also start the backgammon game in full screen, so that it no longer seems mini.

The dice and the right strategy decide

You can start the game by clicking the dice, the number of dice determines the steps you may take with your checkers. For example, if you roll a 5 and a 2, you may move 5 steps with one checker and 2 with the other, but you may also move 5 steps with one checker and 2 with the other. The deciding factor is the largest possible number of moves. For example, if you can move a 3 and a 4 die, but you cannot move both checkers with 3 or/and 4 steps, you must move 4 steps.

Doubles dice

The double is king. A double is the identical number on both dice. If you have rolled two 4s, the number of steps you may take is doubled. If the number on both dice is 4, you may move 4 checkers 4 spaces forward.
Backgammon rules
In this mini backgammon game you may only move your checkers to empty squares or squares that you already occupy. Of course you can also move to a field of your opponent, if he has only one checker there. If the opponent has at least 2 checkers on a field, you cannot move forward to that field. If the opponent has only one checker on a field and you can move there, you move forward and temporarily throw the opponent's checker out of the game. This move is called in Gammon: Blot. In a blot, the checker that is thrown out moves to the middle of the board, to the so-called bar. The checker then starts over again and must be played in the next round. Only then may the remaining pieces be moved in the game of the player in question. Read more about the Backgammon rules here.
Now it is up to you who receives the gammon and wins the game. Have fun!