Free Backgammon Dice in Flash

In this online backgammon dice game you have the choice of two different levels of difficulty. On the one hand you can play the easy version, which we recommend at the beginning, on the other hand you can play the difficult game, for advanced players, but not impossible. Play online backgammon for free here.

Flash plugin is required

You need the Flash Plugin in your browser to play this game. If your browser still supports Flash, you can play this Free Backgammon dice online. Otherwise check out our HTML5 games.

Select the level of difficulty

The aim of this free backgammon game is of course to bear off all your checkers first, but you can choose between an easy mode and a difficult game, depending on how fit you are. Start with the easy game first, then you still have the chance to play hard. This is already one of the better free backgammon online games, but if you would like to play a different one, just have a look around here. Enjoy the game!  

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